Windows VPS Hosting FAQ

Windows VPS Hosting FAQ

  1. What is VPS?

VPS, an acronym for Virtual Private Server hosting is a virtual service that efficiently shares server resources taking into consideration new VPSs. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) from us provides easy administration through various application tools and automatic backups presented as intended. It means that you can spend more of your valuable time on your project and can dedicate less time to managing your server.

  1. Why do I need a VPS?

Virtual server hosting is intended to direct your specific needs. Leveraging the benefits of a virtual server offered from us, you not only have limited control and access in our efficient data center, but in addition to a collection of different virtual hosting packages based on the subject of your requirements and needs. We meet the expense of various individual virtual server bundles, every part of when than changing levels of CPU, RAM, and but with limitless traffic.

  1. How am I benefitted with a setup of VPS Hosting from you?

Our VPS hosting assistance comes with to 25 GB of RAM and 850 GB of disk space, which gives you a huge size for a variety of exchange applications. In the unlikely situation of chance network outages, we manage to pay for virtual hosting once redundant network connections behind 100 MB bandwidth, ensuring different downtime and continuation of network facilities. Whether you pick a range or a beginner cheap VPS package offered from us, you are guaranteed to make a gaining of the greatest data security.

  1. Can I upgrade my current VPS plans?

The choice to restructure from a more basic and economic VPS is every time an option. Keep in mind, you in addition to will have the choice to downgrade, if you feel your current package is exceeding your needs or requirements.

Q. Once I upgrade, should I pay for a setup fee once again?

No. once you pay the initial setup fees, you don’t have the need to pay anything again! We will take care of the Setup expenses.

  1. How well are your support facilities?

VPS Hosting comes in the back Fully Managed Support. You can check out every list of items that we have mentioned.

Q. Do you have a refund facility?

We work with a 30-day money back guarantee scheme on base packages and a 60-day money back guarantee on enterprise packages. If you find our service is not meeting your expectations, then we will refund all hosting charges, without any questions. There is no refund for domain names, as you owe full ownership of the domain for a year. You may transfer your domain statement once it matures. There are no refunds upon finishing of the 30th day of hosting us.

  1. Can I migrate my Web hosting contents to a VPS? If yes, how?

Our team can have the funds for insights and part best practices for your migration. We furthermore pay for a paid migration benefits.

  1. Explain the flexibility of managing your virtual server

You can check the status of your VPS servers whenever you wish to, either take into consideration our Server Monitoring app or through an Internet browser. Additionally, our VPS hosting services are designed to run with almost all operational systems. You may install any programs or facilities as our VPS hosting gets full root access.

  1. How do you ensure about keeping my data safe on my private virtual server?

We are concerned just about keeping and storing your data safe as much as you are. All of our data centers are a few of the most capable and protected. You won’t have to concern about data loss, as we have the facility for every day regular backup of your all important virtual server data and information for creating a backup of the previous 28 days. All of our VPS hosting facilities come along with an efficient firewall security. This helps with the ultra-high security, making sure no unauthorized traffic will affect you.

  1. Is a virtual server simple to set up and manage?

Anyone can handily and easily control VPS web hosting as we manage to pay for software guides that will lead you to go throughout the process. We are the leading windows hosting assistance for expert server administration, providing the user annoyance-set aimless running of their overall system and server apps. Updates managed through the assistance of the cPanel menu help in making sure that your virtual server is always efficient, quick, and safe. Our dedicated Control Panel offers you the platform to set up on or even switch between uncovered firewalls and furthermore regular monitor checks.

  1. How do I change my VPS plan if I want to upgrade my current plan?

The substitute to rearrange from a more fundamental and economical virtual private server is always a choice. Keeping in mind with the requirements, you have the access to reduce your limit or your plans as per your needs. In order to get the best and most reliable VPS hosting services, it’s also worth having a look at the online storage options we provide, because we manage to pay for your access to it.

An efficient mailbox offered from us is with added with SEO highlight tools that can enhance the overall ranking of your website in the leading search engines. For calculation security improvements, we then provide 250 to 1000 GB of storage make public for particular backups, Ksecurity or Kaspersky virus security for your computer and committed mailboxes.

Q. What else do you offer along with Windows VPS?

Along with windows VPS hosting service, we offer complete security against DDoS attacks. We have added this as a default pre-installed facility with all our packages.

  1. Is there any pre-installed firewall in your Windows VPS service?
    Yes. We provide default Windows Firewall pre-installed with our Windows VPS. however, it is your wish if you want to install any third party firewalls from your side. but, we highly recommend using the default windows firewall as a third party installation is more prone to security attacks than a default firewall.

Q. What kind of servers do you offer in your Windows VPS service?

We find the maintenance for our Windows VPS by the genuine editions of Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition.

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